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Our Purpose
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The GYPSY UNION is the first ever grassroots movement, probably, for Gypsy People worldwide, with an individual membership, unlike the other so-called international “Romani”, “Gypsy”, “Traveller” organizations which mostly are a collection of organizations from various countries who are but more often are not organizations based on an individual membership basis, but who still, despite of that, claim to speak for the People.


The GYPSY UNION is an individual membership organization for Gypsy People everywhere, and here especially from a grassroots level, and who are also happy to be called “Gypsy” (“Zigeuner”, “Cygan”, “Gitan”, “Gitano”, etc.) rather then, when they are not, “Roma”.


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Our Mission

Our mission shall be to rectify the current status and elevate, at least in the mind of our own People, the standing of the Gypsy People. This shall be done by educating our own chavies (and adults) in Romani Pride by pointing out that we are not (all) thieves, beggars, and sellers of our own children, or those that steal children, but that we have and have had many eminent people amongst our ranks, in the field of the arts as well as in politic and even science, but not only by educating amare Fohki but also the Gohja, the non-Romani people everywhere.


The aims of the Gypsy Union are first and foremost to fight the Roma-mania by certain organizations and individuals to have of the world Gypsy People declared all as “Roma”. We are not all Roma and the inclusion now of Irish Travellers, who are not even Romani and Gypsy per se, into the term “Roma”, as well as other Gohja travellers, makes it all a mockery. Gypsies are Gypsies and Travellers are Travellers – period! – regardless of whether, erroneously, Romanichals in the UK, for instance, have taken to calling themselves Travellers over the last thirty or so years.


Secondly to bring back the pride in the usage of the words “Gypsy”, “Zigeuner”, “Gitano”, etc., as it used to be.[1]


Thirdly to bring about a unity by joining individuals rather than organizations in that the individual People begin to form a “virtual nation” in this way. By being able to participate directly – unlike in most other international Gypsy organizations – in processes for the betterment of the Fohki and also being able to interact and network with individual members it is hoped that the GU can be a force for change.

-- to unify the People under the old common umbrella terms rather than under the false and forced one of “Roma”. We are not all Roma while being Romani.


Seeing the GU is going to be a grassroots organization by having an individual member policy for the first time ordinary Gypsy men and women and young people will be involved rather than only Roma(ni) intellectuals, as is the case in so many other groups and organizations. Neither those intellectuals nor those organizations of theirs have so far brought the People any real benefit.


“I am Gypsy & proud of it!”

[1] Yes, our People once used those names themselves and with pride. Only when people with a hidden agenda came around was it suddenly no longer “fashionable”.

Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

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