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WGU - Press Release : World Gypsy Union - a new concept

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World Gypsy Union – a new concept


The beginning of March 2006 saw the foundations being laid for the first ever organization for the worldwide Gypsy People with an individual membership policy and ensuing out of this the World Gypsy Union was born.


Now, for the first time in the history of their own political organizations do the Gypsy People of the world have a body where the ordinary grassroots Rom and Romni, and also the Chavale as well, have a voice, and a say, as individuals, by being represented directly by being members, instead of by spokespeople of this or that national Gypsy or Traveller organization insisting on speaking on their behalf whether or not they, the People, have had any say in the appointment as such a spokespeople.


The World Gypsy Union (WGU) will unite the Gypsies of the world as individuals, a prerequisite for nationhood, giving them a worldwide body where they can have a voice and a say where before they have had none.


The World Gypsy Union welcomes into membership all those that are ethnic Gypsies, including, amongst others, the Jenisch and the Domari; so often neglected by the other political Gypsy organizations (they do not like the name Gypsy though; those organizations, that is) but membership is not open, and no excuses are made for this, to people such as the Irish Travellers and others who are of a different culture entirely; most Irish Travellers being nothing else than Irish Gohja in trailers and are not ethnically Gypsy whatsoever.


The World Gypsy Union does not, unlike, as apparently some other Gypsy organizations do, play at being a Racial Hygiene Institute, and the WGU, therefore, accepts into membership all that do have a true Gypsy Bloodline regardless whether this comes from the father’s or the mother’s side as Blood is regarded to be thicker than water and if it was “good enough” for a small amount of Gypsy Blood to have one under the Nazis sentenced to the concentration camps and eventual death then it must be good enough for a political and cultural organization for the People. A didikai or a poshrat are as welcome as a member of the WGU as is the full-blooded Gypsy.


M Veshengro Smith


World Gypsy Union

Gypsy Union 2006/2007