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Gypsy Union

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If you are Gypsy and proud of it then declare so by joing
Gypsy Union.

How Can You Join?

To join the Gypsy Union we need a completed set of application forms from you.


Please contact us for more information and for a copy of the set of application forms. Send your request to stating you wish the GU application forms.


Only true Gypsy People need apply – no Irish Travellers, no wannabes, and any such.


While we do ask for an annual subscription of 10 ($15/€15) this is entirely on a voluntary basis. Let your conscience be your guide as to how much or how little you wish to contribute to help the causes the Union stands for.

Click on the link to download the Members’ Handbook as a WORD document.

WGU Members' Handbook

Who Can Join?

Membership in the GU is open to anyone of true Gypsy ancestry.


Members are free to choose how active or not they wish to be in the Union and its activities.


The Gypsy Union is for true Gypsy People everywhere with the exception of those often falsely called thus, such as Irish Travellers, and others and all pretend Gypsies, be they SCA or other wannabes.

Benefits of Joining

Unity is our strength and true unity can only be achieved if and when the People, as individuals, come together in a Union and thereby becoming more or less one.


This is also the reason why we use the old term – that the People themselves used to use prior to the arrival of do-gooders claiming that it is a bad word – of “Gypsy” so all those that make up the Gypsy Nation, our People, be they Sinti, Roma, Kale, Cale, Kaale, Romanichal, Manush, Jenisch, etc., as other terms lead to splits and exclusion.


Membership has the obvious benefit of being in a Union of the People who at the same time will act like a Mutual Protective Society.

Only if we work together as a People, as a Nation, can we ever improve the situation of our People and over come discrimination and racism against Gypsies everywhere.

Gypsy Union 2006/2007